May’s Boss Lady Bundle

May’s Boss Lady Bundle

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What every Boss Lady needs!


1 Juicy wand brush lip gloss

1 pair of Trope Al press on nails

1 pair of lashes (of your choice) 

2-in-1 Lash adhesive

 *Includes lash applicator, 1 mini nail glue, 1 mini nail file, 2 alcohol pads. 

All in a reusable bag to store all of your YoungForever products!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lynn M

Loved dis bundle! Gave as a gift and da friend loves it plus the fact it’s vegan to🌱! :)

Ivonne Valdez
Slow shipping but cute bundle

While I loved the bundle, cute packaging and awesome lip gloss… it took way too long to ship to me. I had gotten this bundle to wear the Halloween nails for longer than just 3 days before Halloween. I was very disappointed. Monthly bundles like this should be ready to ship within a few days not two weeks.

Kaylee Sweatmon

I couldn’t get the nails to stay on more than a couple of hours after continuously gluing them on, the liner glue was dry and not very easy to apply but otherwise The products are nice. Out of everything I ordered I believe the gloss would be the thing I re order.

Sammy lee
So good!

Sooooo good! I loved everything! it was so complexed and nicely packaged. I will try to buy more as soon as i can!

Elisa Ramnath

It look so pretty 😍